Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (LenSx)

As the first laser approved by the FDA for cataract surgery, the LenSx® laser automates some of the most challenging steps of refractive cataract surgery using computer-controlled precision. The laser replaces the traditional hand-held blade to optimize all incisions for enhanced, reproducible surgical performance.

Benefits of LenSx Cataract Surgery

  • Bladeless, advanced procedure
  • Comfortable, relaxed setting
  • Truly premium surgical experience

Donelson Eye Associates is one of the few offices in the United States that now offers bladeless cataract surgery. The LenSx laser technology uses a customizable 3-D surgical platform that allows Dr. Donelson to visualize, customize, and perform many of the most challenging steps of cataract surgery. These steps, which were previously performed by hand, can now be programmed and performed with a laser, allowing the most precise corneal incision and lens fragmentation to date. This new technology allows us to give you the best vision results.

If you are interested in learning more about bladeless cataract surgery in Greenville, South Carolina, contact us to schedule a cataract consultation. Dr. Donelson will help determine if the LenSx procedure is right for you.

Expert Guidance During Cataract Surgery: ORA™ System

Prior to your cataract surgery, your doctor will determine what type and power of replacement Intraocular Lens (IOL) to implant in your eye. This choice is based on preoperative measurements of your eye and your vision goals.

However, the surgical process can alter these measurements slightly, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact power necessary to produce the very best vision results…until now.

At Donelson Eye we incorporate Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) technology to provide real-time intraoperative measurements of your refractive error after the cloudy lens is removed – during surgery – so we can adjust the IOL power if necessary. The ORA system takes a Wavefront analysis of the eye after the cataract has been removed to calculate the proper IOL.

Benefits of the ORA System

With the ORA System, your cataract doctor can assess your eyes on-the-spot to:

  • Measure the true refractive power of your eye
  • Choose the IOL power that will provide a better visual outcome
  • Completely tailor your procedure
  • Reduce the need for follow-up surgeries

ORA technology is especially helpful for patients who have astigmatism. Patients are often amazed at how quickly their vision is restored.  

For important safety information on LenSx, please click here.