Eyelid Twitching

Minor eyelid twitching is common and happens spontaneously. This condition is thought to be related to stress and/or fatigue. Minor eyelid twitches do not require treatment because they usually disappear on their own. Reducing stress, increasing your amount of sleep, and decreasing caffeine intake may help to relive eyelid twitches. However, if the twitches become worse, you should have an eye exam. Any eyelid twitch that travels down the face involving other facial muscles and causing grimacing, facial twitching, or spasms should be immediately evaluated by your primary care doctor and an ophthalmologist, as it may represent a neurologic problem. Dr. Donelson is trained to properly diagnose and treat this condition.

If you are experiencing frequent eyelid twitching in Greenville, South Carolina, contact us to schedule an eye exam.