The condition of ptosis is also known as droopy eyelids. This condition is usually due to a loosening of a muscle and tendon that holds your eyelid in position. When this happens, your eyelid droops further down your eye. This often blocks part of the visual field and limits how much you can see. Because ptosis may affect your visual field, often insurance will cover your treatment.

Treatment for Droopy Eyelids

The treatment to raise a droopy eyelid is traditionally performed as an outpatient procedure. Surgery can treat ptosis by tightening the levator (eyelid-lifting muscle).

Immediately after surgery, it may be difficult to completely close the eye, but this is only temporary. Lubricant eye drops and ointment are helpful during this period.

Although surgery usually improves the height of the lid, both eyelids may still not appear perfectly symmetrical. In some cases, more than one operation may be required. In rare cases, full eyelid movement does not return.

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